Introducing Flightcontrol

Fullstack Deploy Platform that runs on your own cloud

Bringing world-class DX to fullstack on your own cloud

Everything you need out of the box

Comprehensive Fullstack Infrastructure

Everything you need for fullstack included as first-class primitives: app hosting, databases, CDN, async processing, cron jobs, file storage, etc.

One size doesn't fit all

Supports both Containers and Serverless Functions

You can easily toggle between containers and functions for both your app hosting and for async processing.

starting lineup

Optimized for Next.js and Blitz.js

We are launching with optimized support for fullstack Next.js and Blitz.js apps. And then we'll expand to other frameworks and languages over time. Giving the same care to achieve world-class DX for each.

Free for Personal Use

Our free plan, including a database, runs on our cloud so you won't even have to touch AWS with a 10 foot pole.

Bring Your Own AWS Account

You will pay infrastructure costs directly without markup. And you'll have full control and access to the rest of AWS.

Operations Dashboard

Monitor and manage everything from our dashboard. See all your logs, manage scheduled jobs and dead-letter queues, etc.

Excited? Pay $20 to become prelaunch insider

We want to work closely with the folks who are most excited about this. You will help us test and refine the product and developer experience before we start onboarding the public.

From the folks behind Blitz.js


We can't wait for y'all to experience this! 😁 We plan to start onboarding first users within a couple months.


We'll email you shortly to confirm and ask more about why you are interested.

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